The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction is uniquely positioned as the ‘go to’ center for revolutionary nerve procedures, as well as world-class reconstructive treatments.

These include cutting-edge procedures such as nerve transplantation that may restore a significant degree of function for those who have suffered from a stroke and other forms of paralysis. Patients who at one time believed they had exhausted their paralysis treatment options come from around the country and the globe to our practice in New York City and Shrewsbury, New Jersey. Procedures include brachial plexus reconstructionBell’s palsy treatmentradial, and ulnar nerve surgeryfoot drop treatmentphrenic nerve surgery, and a whole range of other nerve reconstruction procedures.

The physicians of The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction are leaders in the field of innovative nerve techniques for conditions such as those listed above, as well as other specialized surgery, such as the most contemporary methods of breast reconstruction. Plastic reconstructive surgery can restore a healthy, normal appearance to those who have suffered some type of trauma. Our plastic surgeons have mastered a wide range of techniques to help patients return to a normal life.

The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction is also comprised of the Axon Advance Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on new horizons in research, innovation, and surgical treatments for peripheral nerve damage and spinal cord injury.

As a proud member of ARSA, our reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons benefit from an adaptive business environment with infrastructure, marketing, and the level of excellence that enables them to concentrate on the business of providing extraordinary clinical services. The Advanced Reconstructive Surgery Alliance empowers our team to focus unencumbered – on doing our best work for what matters most: our patients.

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