Diaphragm Muscle Replacement Surgery

At The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction in New Jersey, we are on the cutting edge of surgical treatments to reverse diaphragm paralysis. Dr. Matthew Kaufman has pioneered phrenic nerve reconstruction, a groundbreaking procedure proven to be effective for many individuals suffering with a paralyzed diaphragm. He is also highly skilled in implantation of all diaphragm pacemakers commercially available and FDA-approved in the United States. For some however, phrenic nerve surgery and diaphragm pacemakers are not appropriate to overcome the problem, especially when the condition has been present for many years, or if the individual has previously undergone diaphragm plication.

What is Diaphragm Muscle Replacement Surgery?

In order to expand the possibilities for successful treatment, Dr. Kaufman and his colleagues have developed a new procedure, called “diaphragm muscle replacement surgery”. Diaphragm muscle replacement surgery transfers healthy muscle from the patient’s body into the chest cavity, replacing the irreversibly damaged diaphragm and restoring functional breathing activity. Although this procedure has been described previously in children with congenital diaphragm problems, Dr. Kaufman and his team are the first in the world to offer it to both children and adults who have diaphragm paralysis.

How Do I Know if I Would be a Candidate for Diaphragm Muscle Replacement Surgery?

Our staff has been involved in caring for hundreds of patients suffering the consequences of diaphragm paralysis due to phrenic nerve injury, and we are very comfortable discussing your condition with you. We would be happy to respond to your inquiry to discuss whether you may be a candidate for diaphragm muscle replacement surgery or any of the groundbreaking procedures offered for diaphragm paralysis.

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