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Surgery Helps Stop Jackson Woman’s Terrible Migraines

Dr. Matthew Kaufman Performs Nerve Decompression Surgery for Severe Headaches Caused by Occipital Neuralgia

Severe Headaches Occipital Neuralgia

A 55-week headache is a literal description of what Morgan Lowry suffered. She was in constant pain in what she describes as a feeling “like a knife exploding from the back of my skull and coming out the front of my head.” And the pain never went away.

After multiple trips to the ER, followed by appointments with headache and pain specialists, and including a wide array of procedures and tests, Lowry was at her wit’s end. The 20-year-old Jackson resident and Rutgers student had never had any prior pain problems and had not so much as taking an aspirin. Yet nine months after the onset of her headaches, she told her mother, “I don’t know how to get through the day; I’m in so much pain.” Her mother, feeling utter desperation for her daughter, began to scour the Internet.

That’s when she came across The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction at The Plastic Surgery Center and peripheral nerve specialist Dr. Matthew Kaufman. READ MORE