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NJ Surgeon Restores Function in Extremities of 23-Year Old Patient

Victim of Bacterial Meningitis Left Paralyzed in Extremities; Overcame 80% Chance of Death. Doctor Applied Rare Surgical Procedures to Spare Nerve Function and Artificial Skin to Heal Wounds.

SHREWSBURY, NJ – June 24, 2009 –The Plastic Surgery Center today announced that Dr. Matthew Kaufman enabled a 23-year-old woman to restore sensation in her feet and function in her hands by utilizing several rare medical procedures.

Several months ago, the Freehold, New Jersey native contracted a case of bacterial meningitis for which she was admitted emergently to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. The illness caused such acute edema (swelling) that the patient was paralyzed in her arms and legs. Additionally, she suffered from severe skin wounds and lost sensation in her feet.

To restore function in the arms and feet, Dr. Kaufman performed a procedure known as nerve decompression, which alleviates pressure surrounding the nerves. He also applied artificial skin to heal wounds.

“We are very pleased with the patient’s progress, as she has already begun to use her hands and reports feeling in her feet.”