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Kathie Cooper – Foot Drop Testimonial

I was tripping and falling on occasion, which gradually got worse with time. I wasn’t sure at the time what was going on and attributed it to just getting clumsy in my older years (I’m 65). I wasn’t sure if my hip was out of alignment and I should see my chiropractor, or what to do. Last September, I was walking with my son and daughter-in law, who walk rather fast, and she asked me why I was limping. I told her that I wasn’t, and she assured me that I was. At that point, I wasn’t sure how long it had been going on. I then went to my GP and we discovered that I had foot drop. The thinking was that the problem had to be coming from my back, so I had an MRI done and was referred to a neurosurgeon, which I think in hindsight was unnecessary. He told me that although I have some spine issues this problem wasn’t stemming from my spine, and sent me to a neurologist to have nerve testing which revealed that I had a compressed nerve. On my return visit to the neurosurgeon, this was confirmed and I was then referred to Dr. Michael Rose. He decompressed the nerve and in very little time my problem was completely resolved.

I should also add that I had taken several pretty bad falls at work and they were trying to get me to take a disability leave until the problem was resolved. They sent me to the company doctor who told me that since my job description didn’t specifically mention, “walking,” he could not suggest a disability leave. At that point, I was already in the process of looking into the problem anyway.

After surgery with Dr. Rose, I can also enjoy taking brisk walks with my husband without fear of falling and keep up with my grandkids. It’s interesting how such an impairment can change the way you do or do not do your activities. Most of all, I realize how fortunate I was to find a doctor in my area that could do this procedure, as one can be hard to find.

Dr. Rose did an incredible job of solving my problem in no time at all. The staff was extremely courteous and friendly. I would highly recommend them to anyone who might have need of their services. I’m so relieved to finally have the problem resolved, especially since I also have osteoporosis and fibromyalgia, so not only were these falls very painful (not to mention embarrassing and threatening my job performance) but they also posed a danger to me of possibly breaking a hip. I had no idea that such surgery as Dr. Rose performs exists, and would have never thought to consult a plastic surgeon. I thank my neurosurgeon tremendously for the recommendation to Dr. Rose.

– Kathie Cooper