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81-Year-Old Patient Finds “Every Day a Happy Birthday” Through Life-Changing Neuropathy Procedure

Shrewsbury, New Jersey Doctor Gets Neuropathy Patient Back on Her Feet

(New Egypt, NJ- October 1, 2012) — Patient Barbara Isaac, who recently turned 81, resides in New Egypt, NJ (originally from Brooklyn). She had the symptoms (detailed below) for many years until Dr. Michael Rose returned her to her active life. She exercises regularly now, resuming a life that previously included tap dancing (even on roller skates) since age four, and for 30 years conducted a therapeutic horseback riding camp at her farm for disabled children and adults. A farm girl, dubbed the “Jewish cowgirl,” she is the mother of 3 adopted children, two grandchildren, and one great-grandson, “the love of my life,” she calls him. When greeted with Happy Birthday, she replied, “Every day is a happy birthday.”

Of Dr. Rose, she reports: “I fell in love with Dr. Rose. Besides how handsome and wonderful he is, he makes you feel good. And I didn’t ever see him wearing a white coat. That so impressed me.” Below is Ms. Isaac’s case history, outlined by Dr. Rose. Dr. Rose has unique qualifications for this procedure, which he has done successfully for a variety of grateful patients. He is particularly skilled in complex nerve decompression surgery for people suffering from all forms of neuropathy and is one of only a handful of plastic surgeons specifically trained in this technique.


Barbara Isaac is an 81-year-old woman with a past medical history including Diabetes, Hypertension, and High Cholesterol. She takes oral medication to control all three of these issues. She was referred by a neurologist to Dr. Rose because she had compression neuropathy in her lower extremities. This caused her some pain, numbness, and tingling in both of her legs, but the left leg was considerably worse than the right one and was her main reason for seeking medical attention. In addition to the more severe symptoms, the left side was also experiencing weakness of the muscles that pull up the foot as she walked. This led to a moderate amount of “foot drop,” which is a medical condition where one walks with a deliberate, foot-slapping gait in order to overcome the inability of the foot to pull upwards and reset itself for the next step the person takes.

The exact cause of her neuropathy isn’t totally clear, as Isaac had three possibilities. 1) She had Diabetes which is a known cause of neuropathy 2) She takes Cholesterol medications, which can also cause neuropathy; and finally, 3) She might have a genetic predisposition to neuropathy, also known as “idiopathic” neuropathy.

Regardless of the cause, the treatment is essentially the same. So Dr. Rose chose to decompress her nerves from the knee down. This led to an almost immediate, and complete resolution of her symptoms.

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