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Dr. Andrew Elkwood Guest on Doctor Radio on SiriusXM

Dr. Andrew Elkwood on Doctor Radio

Dr. Andrew Elkwood making a guest appearance on Doctor Radio.

“Cosmetic plastic surgery is taking something normal and making it better. Reconstructive plastic surgery is taking something abnormal and making it better.” With those words, Dr. Andrew Elkwood of The Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey and the Institute for Advanced Reconstruction opened his two-hour guest segment on Doctor Radio on SiriusXM. The original broadcast, on August 27th, will be re-aired several times during the last week of August.

Dr. Elkwood had the opportunity to speak about a wide variety of subjects during the broadcast, which took place in the station’s studio located in the lobby of the NYU Langone Medical Center in Manhattan. The show, which received calls from around the country, featured those asking questions from California, Arkansas, New Orleans, and Georgia—just to name a few. Topics covered included everything from the legitimacy of plastic surgery ‘before & after’ photos to nerve treatments for foot drop and Bell’s Palsy. Dr. Elkwood gave valuable insights to callers shopping for facelifts and to an Afghanistan veteran seeking to resolve scars from wounds suffered in the conflict.

Doctor Radio—Real Doctors Helping Real People is hosted by Dr. Nolan Karp. Dr. Karp and Dr. Elkwood are also colleagues from Dr. Elkwood’s days doing his surgical residency at NYU.

Dr. Elwood’s broadcast will be re-aired on Wednesday, August, 28th, and Saturday, August 31, both days at 2 PM. In addition, if you are not a subscriber, you can listen to a free trial rebroadcast online. For more information, log onto SiriusXM Internet Radio, or head to the Doctor Radio page.

Dr. Andrew Elkwood and radio host Dr. Nolan Karp

Dr. Andrew Elkwood (left) and radio host Dr. Nolan Karp (right)