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New Lymphedema Treatment Shows Promise for Patients

Doctors at the Plastic Surgery Center in Shrewsbury, NJ, are optimistic about the results of a new treatment for lymphedema. Currently, there are no medications that can successfully treat lymphedema, but a relatively new procedure called microsurgical lymph node transfer has shown promise in the treatment of this condition.

Lymphedema is an abnormal buildup of fluid that causes swelling, most often in the arms or legs. The condition develops when lymph vessels or lymph nodes are missing, impaired, damaged, or removed.  Lymphedema typically develops in individuals who have had certain surgical procedures that remove a lymph node or radiation therapy to a lymph node region. The condition can occur within a few days, months, or even years after surgery.

The most common treatments for lymphedema include bandaging, proper skin care and diet, compression garments, exercises, and manual lymphatic drainage, a gentle form of skin stretching/massage.  Now, doctors at The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction at The Plastic Surgery Center are offering an alternate procedure that may provide patients with more relief.

Lymph Node Transfer

Microsurgical lymph node transfer uses cutting-edge microsurgical techniques in which lymph nodes are transferred to the affected limb, resulting in an improvement in limb swelling and a decrease in infection rate in most patients. Lymph node transfer surgery is a relatively new and exciting option for the management of lymphedema.

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