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American Diabetes Association Alert Day

American Diabetes Association Alert Day will be held on Tuesday, March 26th. This is a one-day, national “wake-up call” asking people to take the Diabetes Risk Test to find out if they are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

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Nerve damage from diabetes is called diabetic neuropathy (new-ROP-uh-thee), also referred to as peripheral neuropathy. About half of all people with diabetes have some form of nerve damage. It is more common in those who have had the disease for a number of years and can lead to many kinds of problems. It can lead to decreased sensation and/or numbness or tingling in the extremities. This loss of feeling can lead to wounds that don’t heal, infection, and even amputation.

Treatment Options for Neuropathy

Fortunately, in select cases, neuropathy can be improved or reversed with nerve decompression surgery. Performed by experts at The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction on an outpatient basis and taking less than an hour, the procedure involves relieving the pressure on a nerve by surgically removing the constricting tissue or bone, or widening the canal encasing the nerve. Decompression surgery is successful in relieving the symptoms of neuropathy in up to 90% of well-selected patients. The procedure is minimally invasive, requiring only small incisions over the affected area, thus promoting a quicker recovery. Our surgeons are among fewer than twenty plastic surgeons in the world that have been specifically trained in this surgery. 

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