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Foot Drop

Other Nerve Surgery – Foot Drop Treatment, Prostate Reconstruction, Neuropathy Treatment and More

At the Institute for Advanced Reconstruction, we offer a full range of nerve surgery for the whole body. Many of the state-of-the-art procedures we perform are only available at a small number of locations in the world; our physicians are leaders and innovators in the field of nerve surgery.

Foot Drop Treatment

If you find that you are unable to lift the front of your foot, and that you are either dragging the toe of your shoe or walking only on your heel, you are experiencing a condition known as foot drop. Treatment can greatly improve your ability to move your foot and therefore to walk normally.

Causes of Foot Drop

There are a number of different factors that can cause foot drop. Many of these result from problem with the nerves that control movement of the foot. This nerve can become compressed where it leaves the spinal cord because a lumbar disk has slipped, or it can be injured as a part of a leg injury that affects the calf bone. Foot drop can also be caused by nervous system disorders, such as diabetic neuropathy, some muscle disorders, and, in rare cases, a tumor or stroke in the brain’s frontal lobe.

Methods of Foot Drop Treatment

Just as foot drop can have many causes, foot drop treatment can take many forms. If, for instance, you are experiencing foot drop as a result of nerve problems, your foot drop treatment would likely take the form of surgery to relieve pressure on the nerve. Contact the Institute for Advanced Reconstruction for more information about foot drop treatment options.

If you are seeking the latest in paralysis treatment and nerve reconstruction, contact the Institute for Advanced Reconstruction today.

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