My Sports Hernia Story

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I am a relatively active male who enjoys Spartan races, playing golf and racquetball. One morning I woke up with a pain that I had no idea where it came from or how I got. I didn’t worry too much about it hoping the pain would just go away. I rested for a few weeks but the pain just stayed with me. I continued my activities and learned to live with the pain but after a few months I decided I was too limited in the things I could do. I then started to look for someone to diagnose my pain. I went through all types of doctors before I got to Dr.Saad. It seemed no one wanted to treat me let alone even look at my injury. I tried my family doctor, a hernia doctor, sports medicine doctor and a few other specialists. I was finally given a name of surgeon who works on sports hernia patients so I contacted his company and I was told they wouldn’t see me unless I already had an MRI, the problem with that was I couldn’t even find a doctor to look at me let alone issue an MRI. So after weeks of searching a doctors assistants from another doctor told me to look into a plastic surgeon by the name of Dr.Saad.

After a Google search I came across Dr.Saad who was a plastic surgeon in my area but also specialized in sports hernia repairs. I was a little hesitant about going to plastic surgeon for a sports injury but it turned out to be the best thing I could have done. During the first visit with Dr.Saad he was able to confirm my diagnoses and then proceeded to tell me about the surgical procedure needed to fix it. He informed that this injury has a 1% chance of healing itself and surgery was pretty much the only fix. Well I really wasn’t ready for surgery so I decided to wait and see if it would get better over time. I waited about 6 months and decided I needed to schedule the surgery with Dr.Saad and get my life back to normal.

I had my surgery in December of 2017 and as of February 2018 I was able to start getting back to doing the things I enjoyed doing that I was doing prior to my injury. Dr.Saad’s team took excellent care of me pre and post operation and I would recommend him to anyone this struggling with sports hernia pain.

Thanks Again Doc!

-David, patient of Dr. Saad

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