Testimonials: Nerve Decompression

After Many Sleepless Nights and Negative Emg Results I Sought the Help and Expertise of Dr. Michael Rose.

Dr. Rose agreed that I most likely suffered from nerve compression syndrome in my left leg. After a same day surgery and a few days, I was no longer kept up by my left leg. After a week’s time, I no longer felt those pins and needles or sharp pains that I felt for over a year and a half.


Linda’s Story – Occipital Neuralgia

Linda was severely injured during a tornado. After returning home with an undiagnosed concussion, she began to suffer from debilitating complications, ranging from memory loss to severe, untreatable headaches. She was suffering from occipital neuralgia, a condition of the occipital nerves that causes severe pain. It was then that she found Dr. Kaufman of The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction, a world-renowned specialist in treating occipital neuralgia through nerve decompression.

Long Thoracic Nerve Decompression

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