Preservation of Erectile Function

Prostate Reconstruction to Preserve Erectile Function

In radical prostatectomy surgery, nerves that are vital to erectile function are severed. At The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction, our physicians, working in conjunction with a team of skilled urologists, have mastered a revolutionary new procedure that allows men who are undergoing a radical prostatectomy to retain normal erectile function.

The prostate reconstruction procedure is performed immediately after a prostatectomy; it adds roughly 20 to 30 minutes to the duration of the procedure, and does not involve any additional risk. Our surgeons remove about four inches of nerve tissue from the patient’s calf, and then use it to restore the nerves that have been removed during the prostatectomy. This greatly increases the chances that a patient will have normal erectile function after the surgery.

The risks and side effects associated with prostate reconstruction by nerve grafting are minimal. After the nerves have been removed from the calf, there will be a numb spot about the size of a half-dollar on the side of the patient’s foot. The spot is so small that many men do not notice it until their physician points it out.

If you are about to undergo prostate surgery, contact us for more information about preserving erectile function with prostate reconstruction surgery.

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