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Eligibility for Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast reconstruction surgery can return shape and volume to your breast(s), but it’s important to remember that results may vary. Various physical and emotional factors will help determine if surgery is right for you.

A good candidate must be able to:

  • Physically undergo multiple procedures over several months
  • Cope well with treatment and diagnosis
  • Have a positive outlook
  • Have realistic goals around the reconstruction of your breasts

Evidence of surgical techniques will be visible on the breast and other affected areas of the body, and the reconstructed breast will have a different look and feel than the breast it replaces.

With flap surgery, the transplanted tissue needs adequate blood flow to survive. Therefore, we may not be able to perform a pedicled flap procedure for those with diabetes, vascular disease, or a connective tissue disorder. If you are a smoker, the surgeon may ask you to quit for four to six weeks before your surgery. Obesity may interfere with the ability to perform a pedicled TRAM flap.

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