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Reconstructive Surgery Helps Man Pursue Music Career

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Dr Tushar Patel

The Plastic Surgery Center today announced that a 26-year-old patient, who suffered fractures to over 90% of his facial skeleton after a car accident, has undergone a series of complex reconstructive surgeries performed by Dr. Tushar Patel. The patient, Robert A.*, also suffered several broken bones in his left hand, which were repaired by Dr. Patel. Despite being left permanently blind from the accident, Robert is pursuing a career as a professional guitarist.

Prior to his accident on June 18, 2009, Robert worked for a large telecommunications company. Although his injuries prevented him from returning to his previous employment, by August 2009, Robert had already rejoined his modern rock band. The injuries he sustained to his left hand, in combination with his blindness, posed a great challenge to continuing his musical career. However, Robert now relies on muscle memory to play guitar.

“This accident has forced me to relearn simple things most people take for granted,” said Robert. “But I have Dr. Patel to thank for giving me a new lease on life.  He repaired my hand and face so I could play the guitar again and feel more confident and comfortable every day.”

“We are thrilled to be able to help Robert,” said Dr. Patel. “I’ve operated on him about ten times within the past year, and we are pleased with the success of the reconstructive surgeries we’ve performed on his face and hand. We wish him the best of luck as he pursues his career in music.”

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*The name of the patient has been changed for confidentiality reasons.