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Botox Treatments by NJ Plastic Surgeons Help Relieve Migraine Pain

*The following post was written specifically regarding Botox® treatment for migraine headaches at the Institute for Advanced Reconstruction. For full information on our treatment for migraine headaches, including surgical options, please visit our migraine headache surgery page.

The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction today announced that there is a significant opportunity for adult migraine sufferers to benefit from the FDA’s approval of Botox® to treat chronic migraines.

“Migraine headaches can be a debilitating condition, which is often difficult to treat with medication,” said Dr. Matthew Kaufman, of the Plastic Surgery Center. “We have been very encouraged by patients’ success in receiving Botox for migraine treatment and believe the FDA’s approval for Botox has implications to help the hundreds of thousands of people who suffer chronic migraines.”

To treat chronic migraines and mitigate future symptoms, Botox is administered approximately every three months as multiple injections around the head and neck. Certain types of migraines and headache conditions respond to Botox better than others. Only a physician experienced in treating migraines with Botox will be able to determine if someone is a candidate for this type of treatment. The Plastic Surgery Center advises patients to speak with a doctor to determine if Botox is the right treatment.

Dr. Kaufman is part of the medical team at the Plastic Surgery Center, which is comprised of a group of surgeons who are highly skilled in nerve transplantation and advanced reconstruction. They perform a number of unique operations to help patients suffering from life-altering medical conditions who are often unaware that a treatment is available. Some of these conditions that the Plastic Surgery Center treats include:

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