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Car rental and car service companies are located throughout the state.

If you plan to rent a vehicle, please request a vehicle with a pre-paid EZ pass. The tolls range from .50 – 3.00 depending on which highway you are on. Please be sure when entering the toll area, you are in the designated lanes marked Blue for exact change or Red lane if you are paying cash or EZ Pass. In New Jersey we have toll roads and recommend EZ Pass. If you decide not to purchase a pre-paid EZ Pass (usually $35 worth) then we recommend you have spare change and dollar bills on you while traveling. Listed below are rental companies located at the airport:


Driving Tips

There are no left turns at most intersections and on major highways. If your GPS states to turn left look for a U- Turn sign and take the U-turn “jug handle” and follow the sign onto that road.

Our highways are labeled The NJ Turnpike and The Garden State Parkway. Both highways are toll roads and have toll booths along the way. Our gas stations are full service; you are not able to pump your own gas in the State of New Jersey.

If you are interested in making a reservation with a car service, please contact the companies directly to book your mode of transportation. Listed below is a transportation company that we highly recommended:

Concorde Worldwide
Address: 900 Rt 33 East, Freehold, NJ 07728
Phone: (732) 577-0023

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