So for Your Work, Your Kindness, and Compassion I Felt With Each and Every Visit, I Thank You.

In by honeill

This was very emotional for me. I really didn’t realize before I started saying it out loud and writing it down how much you all have helped me and really changed my life. To have my body ravaged from breast cancer was a lot for me. But at the same time happy and grateful to be alive and still here. However, it was a depressing thing for me to go through and really I was having a difficult time dealing with it on an everyday basis. So to put how much I appreciate what you have done for me, I really don’t think can be done. I don’t know if I can find enough words to express how I feel and how much you have changed my life. But I certainly can explain the procedures and how each one made my body look different and so much better each and every time. The bottom line is I love my body and life again because of Dr. Ashinoff and his staff.

Let me start by saying thank you Dr. Russell Ashinoff and staff so very much for the kind and friendly way you have treated me from the beginning as a new patient and cancer survivor. As you know I have had a great deal of medical treatments over the years with a number of doctors. I can safely say you and your staff are by far the best. The work you have done for me is great. It has improved my life, confidence, and body 100%. You have totally restored me back to the women I once was before breast cancer. Probably even better than I was. Usually visits to the doctors is not a pleasant thing for me, however, you and your staff have made me happy to come to all of my appointments. You have answered all of my questions and have been there each and every time I have called in with even more questions. So for your work, your kindness, and compassion I felt with each and every visit, I thank you.

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