My Son Had a Horrific Motorcycle Accident

In by honeill

My son had a horrific motorcycle accident on 9/9/15 and was brought to the Jersey Shore Trauma Center. I met Dr. Elkwood 9/10/15 in the ICU. He told me the depth of my son’s injury, and when I broke down; he hugged me and said he will do everything he can. My son had completely avulsed his Brachial Plexus. My son was so damaged orthopedically; his clavicle and scapula were basically shattered, and we were referred to an orthopedist in Penn Presbyterian and another neurosurgeon. I stayed in touch with Dr. Elkwood while under the other doctor’s care. In January of 2016 I contacted Dr. Elkwood and told him I was very concerned about his recent orthopedic surgery. Dr. Elkwood said to come to his office and he would be happy to see Michael. We made an appointment; both Dr. Elkwood and Dr. Kaufman examined Michael and for the first time I heard that my son’s diaphragm was paralyzed. They spent almost 2 hours with us. Dr. Elkwood and Dr. Kaufman made a surgical plan and took over his care immediately. It was an incredible relief.  Within 24 hours, Michael had surgery with Dr. Elkwood and 7 days later he had additional surgery. In March of 2016 Dr. Elkwood and Dr. Kaufman performed 9-hour surgery on Michael. Dr. Kaufman implanted a diaphragmatic pacemaker and within 5 months it worked and Michael’s diaphragm was working again! Dr. Elkwood performed nerve transfer, amongst many other surgical procedures. Michael is able to move his arm and bend his elbow and is currently enrolled in college. I am so beyond lucky that we have Dr. Elkwood; he is one of a kind! I am also very grateful to Dr. Matthew Kaufman, Lindsey Cuffs, Tara, Carla and the entire staff of The Plastic Surgery Center!

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