I Have No Doubt That I Made the Right Decision to Have This Procedure.

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I discovered The Plastic Surgery Center one day online as I was researching wraps for my lymphedema that I had in my right arm since I had a total lymphadenectomy some 30 years ago for breast cancer. I was surprised to see that this type of surgery even existed and I wasn’t even sure I was a candidate. I researched other places and The Plastic Surgery Center seemed the right fit for me and it was located in NJ, where I have family.

All the arrangements were made in a very professional manner and my surgery was scheduled for May 16, 2018 at The Jersey Shore Medical Center. Prior to the surgery, I was told I needed decongestive lymphedema care from an occupational therapist so that my arm would be ready with little or no lymphedema. The scripts were sent to my therapist and she was able to get my arm as decongested as possible. I met with Dr. Ashinoff the day before for a pre-surgical check up. The day of the surgery went smoothly with Dr. Ashinoff and all assistants, anesthetists, and others at my bedside, reassuring me.

The 7 hour plus surgery had no complications and I was released the next day from the hospital. I visited Dr. Ashinoff a few days later and was given the green light to go back home. Since the surgery, I have not had any complications with my arm but had some issues with the abdominal incision for lymph node retrieval, requiring a drain, but this was finally resolved. But my arm looks much slimmer, although It still swells a bit. I was told this is normal and putting a wrap on at night solves that issue.

I just came back to NJ for a yearly check up and was told my arm looks great. Although it was a long surgery I have no doubt that I made the right decision to have this procedure. I never dreamed my arm would look fairly normal again and that my decision to “take a chance” with this ground-breaking procedure would be the right one.

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