Dr. Patel Is One of the Most Impressive Physicians I Know.

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I am not always good with words in expressing myself, but I do speak with my heart. On Thursday, February 5, 2010, I had an appointment to see Dr. Patel for reconstruction breast surgery. My first time visiting the office, I was amazed at the warmth and professional courteousness of the office. Dr. Patel and his wonderful staff are a breath of fresh air. When I met Dr. Patel whom I was considering to perform my surgery, I definitely knew that I had chosen the right doctor to take care of my breast reconstruction. My first impression of Dr. Patel was that he seemed to be gentle natured doctor who is very caring about his patients. My experience was that Dr. Patel took the time to listen to me about my health issue that needed attention, and I, did not feel that I was being rushed to speak so he could move on to his next patient. So, therefore, Dr. Patel is one of the most impressive physicians I know.

My office visits to see Dr. Patel and his wonderful staff had always put me at ease no matter how serious the reason for my visits. From the time I had entered The Plastic Surgery Center In Shrewsbury, N.J., I found that every staff member seemed to appreciate me as a patient.

I sincerely appreciate the awesome work that Dr. Patel has performed to make me feel how I use to before I had a mastectomy. It does not feel that I have ever had a mastectomy. There has been patience’s who have told me that they had breast cancer and never had reconstruction because they felt they did not need the breast any more and I respect their decision. I wanted breast reconstruction, not for my husband or anyone else. It was important to me to have this surgery performed so I could be the way I once was; with two breasts not one. I find that Dr. Patel’s performance and interpersonal skills phenomenal. I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Patel to my family and friends.

I want to thank Dr. Patel and his wonderful caring staff for being so compassionate towards my needs and listening, as well as, answering any questions that had to be addressed.

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