Dr. Kaufman Has Not Only Restored My Quality of Life, but His Expertise Gives Hope to the Rest of the World as Well

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In September 2010, I had right rotator cuff surgery and was given the usual nerve block for pain during and after surgery. A nerve block, being a blind procedure, damaged the phrenic nerve leaving the right diaphragm paralyzed causing difficulty breathing. Doctors said nothing could bring back normal breathing, “JUST LIVE WITH IT” the doctors said. For me it was very difficult to walk up stairs or just go for a short walk. Quality of life was in the “pits” for me until my wife ran into some online information about Dr. Kaufman and The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction.

February 17, 2012 was surgery day. After surgery I woke up to a breath of air I haven’t felt in a year and a half. Two days later I was taking longer and longer walks and now after one month I can even run for short periods.

Lung rehabilitation to strengthen my diaphragm is off to a good start. Dr. Kaufman and his team have given us more hope than we could possibly dream in such a short time. Dr. Kaufman has not only restored my quality of life, but his expertise gives hope to the rest of the world as well. Thank you and your team for such a wonderful gift.

– Tom Maddalla

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