At 55 Years Old, I Never Thought I Could Look This Good!

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I first met Dr. Matthew Kaufman years ago as an intensive care nurse taking care of one of his phrenic nerve stimulator patients post op (who did very well). Three years ago, I started a healthier lifestyle and lost 105 lbs. A year ago I had robotic abdominal surgery to remove a gastric tumor– fortunately benign. But the combination of the surgery with the loose skin from weight loss created very painful abdominal adhesions and cramping. My surgeon sent me to Dr. Kaufman. I am so glad he did, because the results are incredible! He was able to repair the adhesions and remove the excess abdominal skin. While I was at it, I had a breast lift and implants. At 55 years old, I never thought I could look this good! I highly recommend Dr. Kaufman!

– Kathleen Nicoll

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