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Linda’s Story – Occipital Neuralgia

Linda was severely injured during a tornado. After returning home with an undiagnosed concussion, she began to suffer from debilitating complications, ranging from memory loss to severe, untreatable headaches. She was suffering from occipital neuralgia, a condition of the occipital nerves that causes severe pain. It was then that she found Dr. Kaufman of The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction, a world-renowned specialist in treating occipital neuralgia through nerve decompression.

Anna’s Story – Lymphedema

Anna was young when she developed melanoma on her leg. Although her surgery was successful, she began struggling with unusual swelling in her right leg. “My leg felt heavy,” Anna recounts and goes on to say that her foot was “three times the size” it was supposed to be. She was suffering from lymphedema: swelling caused by the damage or removal of lymph nodes. Everywhere she turned, she found no answers, until meeting Dr. Ashinoff and Dr. Schneider of The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction of New Jersey who performed a state-of-the-art lymphedema treatment to relieve Anna of both physical and emotional distress.

Coletta’s Story – Brachial Plexus Reconstruction

Coletta “Mickey” Coles was left with nerve damage after a bad fall, resulting in loss of functionality in her hand. She went to see Dr. Elkwood, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction. Dr. Elkwood performed brachial plexus reconstruction. Coletta is back doing the things she used to do, including simple activities we call take for granted, such as typing and opening doors.

Marita & Pat’s Story – Phrenic Nerve Reconstruction

Marita struggled to breathe shortly after shoulder surgery. Pat, on the other hand, had no apparent cause. As both struggled to find an answer, eventually Dr. Kaufman at The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction would enter the picture, performing two successful phrenic nerve reconstructions. They’re both breathing normally again, back to doing the things they enjoy. In particular, Marita is part of Hope for a Thousand Hills, a non profit initiative focused on the restoration of the Cymbili Coffee Plantation in western Rwanda. To see learn more about this organization and how to get involved, go to hope4athousandhills.org

Susan’s Story – Avascular Necrosis

Months after a traumatic accident, Susan developed avascular necrosis in her ankle. Not accepting amputation as an option, she researched her condition extensively, only to find Dr. Saad, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in the treatment of avascular necrosis. Susan thought the trip from Texas to New Jersey was worth it to save her leg.

Susan runs a bird sanctuary in Texas. Click here to stop by!
Susan also moderates an AVN group on Facebook. Click here and request to join.

Sal’s Story – Brachial Plexus Reconstruction

A bad car accident left Sal injured and out of work. With no hope that he’d regain function in his arm, Sal met with Dr. Elkwood, who helped Sal get back to living as he used to.

Jeannine’s Story – Brachial Plexus and Breast Reconstruction

Jeannine Sico tells her story about facing two distinct, yet equally debilitating, health challenges: MRSA and breast cancer. With Dr. Elkwood’s help, Jeannine is back doing what she loves.

Melani’s Story – Breast Reconstruction

Melani Vincelli tells her story, which starts with stomach cancer and ends with breast reconstruction after having a double mastectomy. Follow Melani as she bravely traverses her journey … a journey she was told she wouldn’t make. With Dr. Rose’s help, Melani is not only thankful for the breast reconstruction, she believes her end result is better than the original. Melani is very active in various cancer societies. In particular, she works with Debbie’s Dream Foundation towards educating cancer victims, seeking new treatments, and eventually achieving a cure.

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