Breast Reconstruction and Post-Mastectomy Pain Syndrome | Delia’s story

Melani’s Story – Breast Reconstruction

Melani Vincelli tells her story, which starts with stomach cancer and ends with breast reconstruction after having a double mastectomy. Follow Melani as she bravely traverses her journey … a journey she was told she wouldn’t make. With Dr. Rose’s help, Melani is not only thankful for the breast reconstruction, she believes her end result is better than the original. Melani is very active in various cancer societies. In particular, she works with Debbie’s Dream Foundation towards educating cancer victims, seeking new treatments, and eventually achieving a cure.

Today I’m Feeling Great and My Shoulders and Back Feel Fine

Sometimes I get a little emotional. I’m a single parent with an 18-year-old daughter, so I’ve had to focus on keeping my job and health insurance. It definitely has been hard, but I’m grateful to be alive…

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