Testimonials: Dr. Patel

Mary Ellen’s Story – Graves Disease

From the Minute I Met With Dr Patel, All My Fears Disappeared

I was a patient of Dr. Tushar R. Patel, MD, FACS last year. I needed eye surgery. I found Dr. Patel’s website The Plastic Surgery Center on the internet. After checking out his background I knew he would be a good fit for my needs. My surgery involved repositioning of the right eye socket bone.

From the minute I met with Dr Patel, all my fears disappeared. He explained exactly what needed to be done. He answered all my questions. He was very patient. He is very easy to speak to. When you leave his office you totally understand everything he explained to you.

The day of surgery he came to my hospital room, he went over the procedure, checked everything, and assured me not to worry. Before I knew it he was finished. I never felt anything. No pain. The next day I was able to go home.

I went back to see Dr Patel for a few follow up visits. The results speak for themselves. I was extremely pleased with the results.

I would recommend Dr Patel to anyone needing plastic surgery.

Dr. Patel Is One of the Most Impressive Physicians I Know.

I am not always good with words in expressing myself, but I do speak with my heart. On Thursday, February 5, 2010, I had an appointment to see Dr. Patel for reconstruction breast surgery. My first time visiting the office, I was amazed at the warmth and professional courteousness of the office. Dr. Patel and his wonderful staff are a breath of fresh air. When I met Dr. Patel whom I was considering to perform my surgery, I definitely knew that I had chosen the right doctor to take care of my breast reconstruction. My first impression of Dr. Patel was that he seemed to be gentle natured doctor who is very caring about his patients. My experience was that Dr. Patel took the time to listen to me about my health issue that needed attention, and I, did not feel that I was being rushed to speak so he could move on to his next patient. So, therefore, Dr. Patel is one of the most impressive physicians I know.

My office visits to see Dr. Patel and his wonderful staff had always put me at ease no matter how serious the reason for my visits. From the time I had entered The Plastic Surgery Center In Shrewsbury, N.J., I found that every staff member seemed to appreciate me as a patient.

I sincerely appreciate the awesome work that Dr. Patel has performed to make me feel how I use to before I had a mastectomy. It does not feel that I have ever had a mastectomy. There has been patience’s who have told me that they had breast cancer and never had reconstruction because they felt they did not need the breast any more and I respect their decision. I wanted breast reconstruction, not for my husband or anyone else. It was important to me to have this surgery performed so I could be the way I once was; with two breasts not one. I find that Dr. Patel’s performance and interpersonal skills phenomenal. I would enthusiastically recommend Dr. Patel to my family and friends.

I want to thank Dr. Patel and his wonderful caring staff for being so compassionate towards my needs and listening, as well as, answering any questions that had to be addressed.

One Year Has Passed and Because of You I Now Have a Greater Confidence Than I Had Before.

I am writing this note to let you know what a wonderful doctor and person you are. In November of 2010 I received the horrific news that I had breast cancer. Thru my shock came the fear that my life would be changed forever. I would never have the confidence that I once had because my body would not be the same anymore. It would be different, and I , and everyone around me would know that. I didn’t know how I was going to face that dreaded day on January 3, 2011 when I would have my mastectomy.

Thru the Grace of God, I found you. You made the unbearable reality an easier process to face. Not only did you reassure me with your kindness and patience, you showed me what a truly caring person you are.

One year has passed and because of you I now have a greater confidence than I had before. (who would ever think that could be possible) Thank you Dr. Patel. Because of you I made it thru this hurdle, and you made it much easier than I would have ever imagined.

Wishing you and your family a VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!!!!
– Annette Corcoran

Annette was diagnosed with right breast cancer in December, 2010. She underwent a right skin sparing mastectomy and immediate TRAM flap reconstruction in January,  2011. Subsequently, Annette has had nipple and areolar reconstruction as well as minor symmetry procedures. She is currently finished with her reconstructive process and is very happy with her new breast, the symmetry and normalcy she has regained.
Dr. Tushar Patel

Dr. Patel Advised Me of Everything That Would Be Done and Left Nothing Out.

I was operated on 6/16/11 by Dr. Patel. I was very comfortable being in his care. He was kind, sincere and attentive to my questions and needs. I was pleased with the results of my surgery. When I first had my consultation visit, Dr. Patel advised me of everything that would be done and left nothing out. He also advised me that he would work with my insurance company, which was a big plus. I would recommend Dr. Patel very highly. His assistant, Deanna was a treasure, she was always there whether I called or had a visit to answer any questions I might have. Dr. Patel is lucky to have her. The rest of the staff was always pleasant, kind and cooperative to anything I might have needed. Thank you to Dr. Patel and his staff for a comforting experience.

–Jennie Livich

Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart

Dr. Patel you and your staff are truly my dream team. From Amber at the front desk, Jodi my surgery coordinator, and what can I say about Deanna? She’s the best! You not only physically put me back together, but, with your kindness and patience, helped me through a difficult journey. Dave and I will forever be grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Theresa Reid

Thank You to the Entire Staff at the Plastic Surgery Center for Their Kindness and Professionalism.

I am eternally grateful to Dr. Russell Ashinoff and his partner Dr. Patel. I severed literally all of my nerves and every soft tissue with the exception of one artery. Because of the superior work these physicians did, I have use of my right hand and have returned to work as a critical care RN. Also, the nurse Micky, was very responsive to any questions that I had and nurturing as I went through the emotional changes of the healing process. Thank you to these medical professionals. Also, Thank you to the entire staff at The Plastic Surgery Center for their kindness and professionalism.

Angela Moss

I Am Very Pleased.

In February 2011, I had basal cell cancer removed from the side of my nose right cheek. Dr. Tushar Patel of The Plastic Surgery Center performed my closure. The result is amazing. I feel there are no signs of the cancer removal or closure procedures. Dr. Patel and the entire staff at The Plastic Surgery Center were courteous and professional. My entire experience was positive. I am very pleased.

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