Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Covid-19

At the Institute for Advanced Reconstruction our priority is the safety of our patients and staff. To minimize the transmission risks of COVID-19, we are strictly adhering to the most up to date CDC and local guidelines.

At this time, we are fully able to provide care for out-of-state patients. We are adhering to current New Jersey mandates so that it is possible to safely bring patients to our center for surgical treatment. This will likely require COVID-19 testing performed both before traveling, and after you arrive in New Jersey.

Depending on which state you are coming from, you may be asked to voluntarily quarantine after arrival. The quarantine does not apply to doctor and hospital appointments. Our staff will assist in arranging local accommodations and help ensure your stay will be safe and comfortable.


Q: Can I continue with my scheduled surgery?

A: Yes, you can come to NJ to have your surgery. We recommend reviewing the appropriate restrictions and take notice of the travel restrictions for your area.


Q: Will I have to get COVID testing before coming to the office?

A: COVID testing will have to be completed in your home state 4-7 days prior to arriving in New Jersey. Patients will have to quarantine during that time frame and provide a copy of their negative test result.


Q: Will I have to quarantine when I arrive in New Jersey?

Yes, you may be required to quarantine when you arrive if coming from one of New Jersey’s travel advisory states. This list is constantly changing, so be sure to check it before you arrive.


Q: Will I have to quarantine when I return home from New Jersey?

A: If NJ is on your home state’s quarantine list, you may have to quarantine for 2 weeks when you arrive home or produce a negative test result. It is best to check the most up-to-date regulations with your home state.


Q: Should I have my pre-admission testing done before arriving in NJ?

A: If you are coming for surgery, pre-op testing will have to be completed prior to COVID testing so it allows ample time to quarantine per the guidelines mentioned above.


Q: How can I send my test results to the doctor?

A: You can send your test results via our Patient Portal here.


Will I have to be re-tested upon my arrival in NJ?

A: Yes, when you arrive in NJ, you will be re-tested at our facility and then must remained quarantined in your hotel or family home for the 2-3 days until we can receive your results.


Q: Where can I stay during my surgery?

A: We recommend staying in a hotel or Airbnb. Hotels must comply with safety protocols outlined in the Department of Health Executive Directive No. 20-024. For a list of hotels we recommend, click here.


Q:  Does NJ offer outdoor dining, take out and restaurant delivery?

A: Yes! We have compiled a list of restaurants you may enjoy here.



*As per New Jersey Executive Order 122, we enforce wearing a mask/ face covering in public places. 

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