Arm & Hand Paralysis

Nerve Transplantation

At The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction we have performed eight nerve transplants as of June 2015, results of which are published in medical literature. Only a handful of centers in the United States offer this treatment, which draws patients from around the world. Our surgeons are on the cutting edge of modern nerve surgery, requiring a world-class level of knowledge, skill and experience.

Nerve transplantation surgery can help patients who have suffered a devastating injury to the nerve plexuses in the arm or the leg. The surgeons at The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction use this procedure to restore function in those who have nerves so severely damaged that no other treatment options can alleviate the problem.

Nerve transplant surgery requires close collaboration with an expert team of transplant specialists, neurologists, immunologists and infection disease specialists. This teamwork allows us to provide the highest quality care and best possible results to our patients.

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