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The Center for Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery is the premier destination for patients seeking specialized, innovative care for a range of complex hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder conditions. Led by a team of renowned, fellowship-trained surgeons, the center's experts are at the forefront of advanced microsurgical techniques designed to restore function and mobility for even the most debilitating injuries and disorders. 
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Transformative Care, Backed by Research

From arthritis and fractures to nerve injuries and tendon lacerations, the center's comprehensive service offerings empower patients to reclaim their independence and quality of life. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and the latest research, the center's specialists create customized treatment plans that seamlessly integrate both physical and emotional healing, ensuring each patient achieves the transformative outcomes they deserve.

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Unlock Your Full Potential with Help from Our Specialized Team

When it comes to hand and upper extremity injuries that threaten to derail your quality of life, the team at The Center for Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery represents the best choice for comprehensive, patient-centered care. Pioneered by renowned hand surgeons and finger specialists like Dr. Ajul Shah, our providers possess unparalleled expertise in the intricate, delicate procedures required to restore function, movement, and independence. When you entrust your care to our specialized providers, you're not just getting world-class medical treatment - you're gaining a team dedicated to your full physical and emotional healing, committed to helping you reclaim the unrestricted lifestyle you deserve.

Hear What Patients Say About Us

Last December, I had to go to the ER at Capital Health due to a fractured hand. Upon discharge and confirmation that I would need surgery as soon as possible, they referred me to Dr. Tsai. I had to do some research on him and was impressed by his credentials, so I had high confidence that I’ll be fine. When I met him the first time, he patiently explained the different options that they may perform to “fix” my hand. His attendant was also accommodating in providing information about what to expect before, during, and after the medical procedure. My surgery went without any problems, and I am very impressed with the applied surgical technique. He did mention that his approach will quicken the healing process to about a few weeks compared to months when doing the “usual” way. Five weeks after my surgery, I was cleared of any physical restrictions and was back doing activities as if I didn’t break any bone, thanks to Dr. Tsai’s expertise.
Xerxes M.
I really recommend Dr. Iyer. He genuinely care[s] for his patients. Thank you so much, Dr. Iyer [for] helping me. Very knowlegable doctor. Help[ed] me a lot to regain my motion. Broke my elbow and had surgery in India about 6 months ago. I lost 90% of palm up and palm down motion due to surgery in my elbow within 1 month. After visiting him, he found out that pins were blocking my motion. He performed surgery [to] remove pins. He helped me get my motion back about 95% within 2 months after having 2nd surgery. Explain[ed] really well how he is going to operate on me. He guided me [with] correct exercises I needed. He inspired me to regain my motion, [kept] track of my all progress with my therapist. His staff is really friendly and helped me with all paperwork I needed for work.
Priyanka S.
I was treated by Dr. Shah this past April for an injured index finger.I had long neglected this injury and now the finger was extremely swollen, painful, and non-functioning. Dr. Shah diagnosed the injury with confidence , patience and precision and prescribed a course of physical therapy. In one consultation I went from total despair to a sense that my injury was treatable without major surgery. The physical therapy was at times quite painful as he predicted. However within six weeks I was well on the road to recovery. I have only gratitude and respect for Dr. Shah and his staff
Brian F.
I’ll start by saying Dr. Ajul Shah is a surgical genius and wonderful person! I broke my 4th metacarpal bone in 3 places in my right hand during handstand walking in a CrossFit competition. Not only was I tremendously concerned about returning to working out, but was in fear of even just normal hand usage. Dr. Shah’s supreme surgical skill has enabled me to get back to doing handstand push ups, pull ups, lifting, and successfully competing! He also provided me with the most highly skilled Occupational Therapist. They were an amazing team focused on my health and healing. Even more important is his personality – he gets to know you as a person, not a patient. He truly cares. He’s in constant communication, thoroughly explains everything, and makes himself accessible for any question, concern, and even appreciated when I would share my workout videos!
Jackie B.
Dr. Ferro has excellent bedside care and attentiveness to her patients! Makes you feel very comfortable! Listens intently and will not rush you. I have had nerve blocks and steroid injections before several times; but my experience with Dr. Ferro by far has been the best experience and best results!
Jeffery N.
Dr Tsai provided me with excellent service. He talked with be before and after surgery to ensure I properly understood everything He answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns. His staff was absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Tsai!!
Susan B.
I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Tsai. He and his staff are extremely professional and took the time to explain the entire process to me.
Barbara J.
Not only did Dr. Iyer get rid of my carpal tunnel, [he] also operated on my special needs daughter. He solved both of our needs, and his bedside manner is exceptional. He is the doctor to seek out for your upper extremity surgical needs.
Jayne M.

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