Tristin Loitz Continues Phrenic Nerve Surgery Recovery

We recently heard a glowing and gratifying report from the Loitz family (1/13). Tristin’s latest story of phrenic nerve surgery with Dr. Matthew Kaufman at The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction is on our website Pediatric Phrenic Nerve Procedures—Children Find Renewed Life with Groundbreaking Surgery. Below is an excerpt from an email from Tristin’s mom, Tracy.

“When we returned home (from surgery) in October, we were told to let Tristin heal for at least 2 months. We did just that; however, it was driving Tristin crazy. He wanted to do everything–run, exercise, play ball, go to gym class with his friends at school and even take out the trash and shovel snow. Now that the 2 months have gone by with Tristin waiting to lead a normal life after more than 4 years of being sedentary, tired all the time and with a lack of oxygen, he was ready to start a life, a new beginning. I started working at The Alaska Club (GYM) which has access to cardio, weights, basketball, tennis, rock climbing, swimming, racquetball and group fitness classes. Tristin has been able to exercise and play basketball for long periods of time. We got with a personal trainer at the Alaska Club due to his weight that he had gained from being sedentary for so long. We wanted to be able to track his progress. Since our first visit with the personal trainer 3 weeks ago Tristin has lost 3 pounds, 10 pounds of body fat and gained 3 pounds of muscle. We have also added a treadmill in our house. He is on it everyday. He started out at 10 minutes a day and now he is up to 30 minutes a day and at an incline. It is so amazing the improvement Tristin has made not only physically, but mentally as well. His spirits are higher. He has more self-confidence and is interacting a lot more with his friends. We were so very fortunate to have found Dr. Kaufman and his team. Now Tristin can live a longer and healthier life.”
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