Thomas Fols – Phrenic Nerve Surgery Testimonial

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All my life I have worked hard and played harder. With playing so hard I have experienced several injuries. The injury I sustained from snowmobiling while in Potter County, Pennsylvania most probably was what injured my phrenic nerve.

In approximately the last two and half years, I have had several doctor visits being treated for upper respiratory problems. While doing my initial complete physical, my primary physician discovered that I had a paralyzed diaphragm. After several tests and being placed on nighttime oxygen, it was decided that I see another doctor at the Temple Lung Center in Philadelphia. After confirming the diagnosis he recommended seeing Dr. Matthew Kaufman for a consultation.

The Plastic Surgery Center (Institute for Advanced Reconstruction) mailed information, patient forms etc. They were completed, along with any tests, x-rays etc. that I had pertaining to my current condition.

My initial visit took place in May 2013. Dr. Kaufman told me at the time that he thought he could help me, but wanted current testing done. Upon completing an MRI, Sniff Test, EMG, and chest x-ray, I was advised that I was a candidate for phrenic nerve surgery.

On June 28, 2013 the surgery was performed at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Having had several surgeries in the past, this was the first elective procedure for me. When I awoke in recovery, I gathered my thoughts and took my first deep breath. I cried, just as I am now writing this testimonial, as it was a life changing moment. It’s difficult to put into words these feelings; if you have had a “changing” moment you will understand.

Everyone at the hospital and especially Dr. Kaufman’s staff were the utmost professionals. I felt like they were as happy or happier than me of the results so far. I feel the operation will be common in the future.

If I did not elect to have this surgery I would still be suffering medically, and be forced to shut down my Electrical Contracting business.

This surgery improved my quality of life, and has given me a completely new attitude about everything.

God Bless Dr Kaufman and his staff.
Thomas Fols

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