Severe Headache Pain Caused by Occipital Neuralgia Solved with Relatively Minor Surgery

A motor vehicle accident took away the healthy, functioning lifestyle of a Kristen Kuczenksi, 29 years old, of Pittston Township, PA. Five years later, however, Dr. Matthew Kaufman of The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction performed nerve decompression surgery, a special yet relatively simple procedure, that gave her back her life by treating her occipital neuralgia. Kristen experienced daily headaches that were so severe they often resulted in nausea and vomiting. She described the pain as predominately on the left side of her head resulting in sensitivity so severe she had trouble even touching the area, such as for brushing or washing her hair, and she never wore sunglasses.

“It was like fireworks going off inside my head,” she said.

After years of visiting doctors from pain management specialists to neurologists and her family doctor she still found no relief from her headaches.

“I didn’t even want to live,” she said, adding that, I hit a breaking point.”

Following her surgery and recovery, Kristen wrote a detailed and emotionally moving letter addressed to her surgeon, Dr. Matthew Kaufman, which concludes:

“Dr. Kaufman, I will forever treasure the gift you gave me of getting a second chance at life.”

Read the entire letter here and Kristen’s story.

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