Raising Funds for Rob Marrero, Dr. Kaufman’s Paralyzed Phrenic Nerve Patient

On Sunday, March 25th, The Panther Valley Breaker Boys of the Greater Eastern Football Association, will host a benefit for Rob Marerro. Marerro, who was paralyzed last year in a semi-pro football game, will  be undergoing surgery with Dr. Matthew Kaufman of the Institute for Advanced Reconstruction.

Nine months after his accident, on March 16th, Dr. Kaufman will operate on Rob’s phrenic nerve at the Center for Treatment of Paralysis & Reconstructive Nerve Surgery at the Jersey Shore University Medical Center, with the goal to make him eventually breathe independently of the respirator he now requires. The team, which will play The Mountain Top Reapers, will retire Marerro’s jersey #6, with Rob’s wife and son wearing replica jerseys. The game kicks off at 1 pm at Ginter Field, in Carbon, PA. Proceeds from donations at the gate will go towards purchasing a van for Rob’s transportation needs. “Rob is one of us,”  says player and organizer Scott Reese, who has known Marrero since 1998 and their high school football playing career together.If you can’t make the game, but wish to donate, go to www.paypal.com, click on send money, and send your donation to Rob’s wife at Carrie.Marrero@yahoo.com.

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