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My Son Had a Horrific Motorcycle Accident

My son had a horrific motorcycle accident on 9/9/15 and was brought to the Jersey Shore Trauma Center. I met Dr. Elkwood 9/10/15 in the ICU. He told me the depth of my son’s injury, and when I broke down; he hugged me and said he will do everything he can. My son had completely avulsed his Brachial Plexus. My son was so damaged orthopedically; his clavicle and scapula were basically shattered, and we were referred to an orthopedist in Penn Presbyterian and another neurosurgeon. I stayed in touch with Dr. Elkwood while under the other doctor’s care. In January of 2016 I contacted Dr. Elkwood and told him I was very concerned about his recent orthopedic surgery. Dr. Elkwood said to come to his office and he would be happy to see Michael. We made an appointment; both Dr. Elkwood and Dr. Kaufman examined Michael and for the first time I heard that my son’s diaphragm was paralyzed. They spent almost 2 hours with us. Dr. Elkwood and Dr. Kaufman made a surgical plan and took over his care immediately. It was an incredible relief.  Within 24 hours, Michael had surgery with Dr. Elkwood and 7 days later he had additional surgery. In March of 2016 Dr. Elkwood and Dr. Kaufman performed 9-hour surgery on Michael. Dr. Kaufman implanted a diaphragmatic pacemaker and within 5 months it worked and Michael’s diaphragm was working again! Dr. Elkwood performed nerve transfer, amongst many other surgical procedures. Michael is able to move his arm and bend his elbow and is currently enrolled in college. I am so beyond lucky that we have Dr. Elkwood; he is one of a kind! I am also very grateful to Dr. Matthew Kaufman, Lindsey Cuffs, Tara, Carla and the entire staff of The Plastic Surgery Center!

I Cannot Thank Dr. Elkwood and His Staff Enough

After 2 falls, 2 operations on my right shoulder and another operation on my right arm where my arm was broken in 5 places from my elbow to shoulder. I could not raise my arm and I had a lot of pain. Dr. Elkwood performed my fourth surgery to free my badly compressed axial nerve and clean out scar tissue in that area. Now I can lift my arm and am free from pain. I cannot thank Dr. Elkwood and his staff enough. They are wonderful!!

There Are No Words Good Enough to Explain the Extreme Gratitude I Have for Dr Kaufman and Dr Elkwood.

I had a totally paralyzed right diaphragm and had only about 40% normal breathing capacity overall. I had to be standing or sitting upright or on my bipap machine in order to breathe without feeling like I was suffocating. I couldn’t walk 100 feet without feeling like I was suffocating. I just had the Phrenic Nerve surgery done by Dr Kaufman and Dr Elkwood on 6/2/2017. These 2 experts gave me my lung back and I can live now without feeling like I am suffocating all the time. They took a nerve from my leg and fixed my Phrenic Nerve(next to my neck) with it and put a cadaver nerve in my leg. I know I could walk fast for a few miles if I wasn’t recuperating from my surgery and I’m sure I’ll be jogging again someday from the way I feel today. I actually walked at least a mile 3 days after my surgery getting to and from the airplanes. I’m sure I should have used a wheelchair but I just felt good to walk without suffocating. They also restored lost muscle function in my right arm which had weak spots. Everything went perfect. There are no words even close to saying how much admiration I have for Dr Kaufman and Dr Elkwood. They changed my life and gave me a miracle. I’m 61 years old but you two Doctors are my heroes for the rest of my life. I highly recommend these two miracle workers if you need a miracle like I did. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Don Thrash

I Highly Recommend Dr. Elkwood

After my second battle with breast cancer I was fortunate enough to have chosen Dr. Elkwood as my plastic surgeon for reconstruction. Chemotherapy had left me with very thin hair which made styling a challenge trying to cover up bald areas. Dr. Elkwood was able to give me fuller hair with very minimal discomfort. I can now have various hairstyles without being self conscious. I highly recommend Dr. Elkwood and the staff at the Plastic Surgery Center.

-Kathy G.

A Thousand Thank-You’s to Dr. Elkwood and His Team

A thousand thank-you’s to Dr. Elkwood and his team. I was in a motorcycle accident in September 2009, and among many of the injuries I suffered was two dissected carotid arteries and severed nerves from my spinal cord near my neck. Anyway, I lost the use of my right arm and the muscles atrophied so badly that my arm was separated from my shoulder (so painful). I went to many different specialists and surgeons, but no one wanted to touch me because of the damage to my carotid arteries. My first appointment with Dr. Elkwood changed everything. He didn’t say “sorry, I don’t know what I can do for you”, he said “I want to help you”. Tears filled my eyes, I couldn’t believe it. Well, he sent me to see his specialists, and when things were ready, I underwent muscle reconstruction surgery. Dr. Elkwood and team reconstructed my shoulder so my arm was no longer dislocated. When I woke up from the procedure, I had the normal surgery pain, but I noticed that the dislocated pain wasn’t there. By the time my next appointment, I was almost completely off my pain medication (which I was taking for over a year). Now, it’s been almost a year since the surgery, and instead of being hunched over in pain trying to hold my arm in place, I’m back to doing the things I really enjoy like hiking, camping, and my husband and I bought a kayak that you pedal with your feet. I’m not sure where I would have been now if I didn’t meet with Dr. Elkwood, but I’m glad I didn’t have to find out. Again, thank you.

– Denise Young

I Never Had a Doubt That I Was in the Right Place for My Reconstruction Surgery.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a devastating ordeal. I would only wish that every woman that has to hear the words “you have breast cancer” has a surgeon on their side like Dr. Elkwood. The staff at the Plastic Surgery Center went above and beyond what a patient should expect in service and caring professionalism. I would highly recommend Dr. Elkwood because no matter what the dilemma, he would calmly and confidently get you through it. I never had a doubt that I was in the right place for my reconstruction surgery.

– J.W.


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