Complex Hand Reconstruction

At The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction, we perform surgeries that restore the patient’s function. For some patients, for instance, reconstruction may be required after a cancer operation. Others suffer dysfunction after a traumatic accident, such as a finger amputation.

We offer a unique operation to restore the most important part of our hands: our fingers. A toe-to- hand transplant has emerged as a novel reconstructive technique with excellent results.

Toe-to-Hand Transplant

Toe hand diagramThe toe is removed from the foot, taking with it all the associated blood vessels, nerves, bones and tendons, and then is transplanted to the hand. A toe from the other foot can also be transplanted in the same way, either in one longer operation or separately. It is important to remember that, even after the transfer, the new finger will only have the range of movement of a toe.

The toe may be used either to replace the thumb or to replace a finger. This allows the thumb and finger to form a pinch grip. If there are no digits on the hand at all, the operation is usually more successful if the patient can ‘cup’ the palm of his or her hand.

Toe hand image

Will it affect foot function?

Removing one toe leaves a foot reduced in width, with four toes present. The gap where the toe was removed is closed. Removal of the second toe does not have any functional impact on walking, running or jumping.

More Information

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