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Pressure Sore Management

Nerve Grafting

Recurrent pressure sores in individuals with spinal cord inury become very difficult to treat unless sensation can be returned to areas where the pressure sores are located. In the past the idea of recovering sensation in paralyzed individuals was believed impossible.

The doctors at the Institute for Advanced Reconstruction are performing a groundbreaking procedure intended to restore sensation to the hip and buttock areas in paraplegics with recurrent pressure sores. Nerve grafting is performed in conjunction with flap surgery to treat the pressure sore and provide the opportunity for sensory recovery.

Please contact the Institute for Advanced Reconstruction in New Jersey for information about this groundbreaking nerve reconstruction procedure for those suffering with spinal cord injury and pressure sores.

Flap Surgery

Spinal cord injury often results in paralysis and loss of sensation to portions of the body. Individuals may lose sensation to the lower body and are therefore unable to detect when there is excessive pressure in these locations while sitting in a wheelchair or lying in bed. Over time, this problem progresses from skin breakdown to open wounds, and even to life threatening infections of the underlying bone.

Surgical treatment is sometimes necessary to clean and cover the wounds. Reconstruction of these wounds is often performed using flap surgery – healthy skin and muscle from nearby locations is mobilized to cover the areas where pressure sores are located. Flap surgery is an integral part of plastic & reconstructive surgery that offers the best chance of resolving pressure sores in patients with spinal cord injury.

At the Institute for Advanced Reconstruction in New Jersey the doctors are highly skilled in innovative flap surgery techniques.

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If you are seeking the latest in paralysis treatment and nerve reconstruction, contact the Institute for Advanced Reconstruction today.

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